Planning your special day?

We are delighted that you are considering allowing us the privilege of celebrating your marriage. We hope your wedding day is a truly memorable and enjoyable day and the start of a lifetime of love and support for each other. At the moment, due to COVID 19 restrictions we can have 42 people in the church for a wedding.

Weddings at Bay and Basin UCA are Christian ceremonies celebrated within the Uniting Church tradition. Within this framework we encourage you to plan with us a ceremony that will reflect your own individuality. Below we answer some questions that are frequently asked. If you need more information or would like to make a booking please feel free to contact us at:  or call Bob 0417694871.

Who will celebrate our wedding?

In most circumstances the minister at Bay and Basin Uniting Church will celebrate your wedding.

Can we bring our own minister?

It is possible for another Uniting Church minister to celebrate a wedding at Bay and Basin UCA, subject to approval from the minister. A non-Uniting Church minister would need to be ordained and also approved by the minister.

When and how soon can we have our wedding?

As a general rule no wedding service can take place within one calendar month of the “Notice of Intended marriage” being completed. However, more notice is usually required! Weddings are not held on the following days - Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day. Weddings can be held at any time of the day, depending on availability of the church and minister.

Can we view the church sometime?

You are welcome and encouraged to attend any of our regular worship services at Bay and Basin at 9.30am. If that is not possible then a private viewing can be arranged.

How much does it cost to have a wedding at Bay ad Basin UCA?

Wedding fees are as follows:

Wedding fees are due on or before the rehearsal. A deposit of $150 will secure your booking for your wedding date.

Use of Church & facilities $400.

Hire of Hall Varies depending on use.

Musicians / flowers Own arrangements (we can make suggestions/referrals)

What if I’m divorced?

We know that people’s lives do not always go the way they plan, and divorce is a fact of life for many people. Bay and Basin UCA will conduct a wedding service in this circumstance.

Do we need to do Marriage Preparation?

The Uniting Church is committed to helping couples develop strong marriages. Marriage preparation is not counselling – it is a chance for couples to discuss issues about their upcoming marriage. Many also find that marriage preparation affirms their commitment to each other. All couples requesting marriage at Bay and Basin UCA are encouraged to undertake marriage preparation and is usually conducted alongside preparations for the marriage service. The minister will discuss this with you.

What order of service can we use?

At Bay and Basin Uniting Church we believe that the most significant aspect of a wedding is the couple making their lifelong commitment to each other through Christian marriage vows. The service also includes Bible readings and prayers. Couples make their vows before God and before the congregation.

Can we have any sort of music we like at our wedding?

Music during the service should be appropriate to the fact that this is a Christian service. It is not necessary to sing hymns at your wedding but if this is something you would like then the minister would be happy to talk to you about some suitable hymns or songs. If you would like to use a musician or play recorded music, we can accommodate this.

Are there any limits on taking photos and videos?

Photographs or videos may be taken inside the church provided that photographers or video operators are discreet, and the minister is aware of what they intend to do. Out of courtesy we request that they do not go behind the minister during the service. Mock-ups can be made within the church after the service. It is important that the photos do not become more important than the wedding ceremony itself.

Who arranges flowers for the church?

We are happy to recommend some local florists.

Can we put ribbons on the ends of the seats?

Yes, if you wish to make your own. Please note that under no circumstances are ribbons to be affixed to the church seats with glue/pins, etc. We suggest you make a bow that goes over the arms of the seats.

Is confetti allowed in the church?

Confetti and rice are not allowed for environmental reasons but rose petals may be scattered outside of the church.

Can we move things around in the church?

The church building remains a place of worship. Items in the church building - tables, chairs, banners, noticeboards etc. are not to be moved without consultation with the Minister.

Do I need to arrange ushers for the wedding service?

If you choose. An usher can hand out marriage service sheets (if you have them) to the congregation before the service and help to direct people to their seats. The usher should be at the church at least 15 minutes before the wedding time.

 Do we need any legal documents before we can get married?

To be legally married, you are required (by law) to complete or obtain a number of documents both before and during the service. These are:

  • Notice of Intended Marriage - This form (obtained from the minister or online) needs to be filled out and given to the minister no more than two(2) years and no less than 31 days before the intended marriage. This a legal requirement and is normally done at the first formal interview with the minister.
  • Birth Certificate - The Marriage Act requires each person to produce an original birth certificate or certified extract of birth. This must be sighted by the minister when filling out the Notice of Intended Marriage.
  • Consent of both parents to the marriage of a minor - The Marriage Act requires a person under the age of 18 years to have the consent of BOTH PARENTS. If one has died, then a copy of the person’s death certificate must be produced.
  • Previous marriage - If your previous marriage ended in the death of your partner then the minister will need to see an original or certified copy of the death certificate. If your marriage ended in divorce, then the original of the Decree Nisi - Dissolution of the Marriage must be sighted by the minister at the first interview. If you have any concerns about presenting these documents, please speak to the minister as soon as you are able as there are further processes required if these documents cannot be produced.

When do we get our Marriage Certificate?

You will be presented with a decorative Marriage Certificate on the day. The legal paperwork is signed by the couple and must be witnessed by two persons over the age of 18 years. The official certificate must then be applied for separately from the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. The minister can do this on your behalf and will discuss this with you.

We pray for God’s blessing on your marriage!

Marriage is a life-long union in which two people are called to give themselves in body, mind, and spirit, and so to respond, that from their union will grow a deepening knowledge and love of each other. In the joys and sorrows of life, in prosperity and adversity, they share their companionship, faithfulness, and strength. We look forward to sharing the day your journey in marriage begins and hope Bay and Basin Uniting Church will become part of your family story.

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take place during the 9-30am worship service by appointment. The minister will meet with the parents of an infant to talk about their desires for their child and expectations of the church. It is also a privilege to speak with teenagers and adults about affirming their faith through baptism.